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Evans AV Staging has provided equipment and scenic elements across the whole site of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. Held on 10-13 August in Ashton Court, on the edge of Bristol, this year’s event is said to have been the biggest of its kind in Europe.

Following on from last year’s event, the Bristol-based company was involved in multiple locations across the country park. This time around the company increased the amount of kit they supplied and the areas they supplied it to around the site. Evans also created graphic wrapped walls this year to enhance the experience for sponsors.

For the Balloonists’ Marquee, where pilots gathered several times each day for all-important briefings, Evans supplied six Nexo PS8 speakers, hung from Utopium’s truss, for background music and announcements.

These were relayed using Shure hand-held radio microphones and a Yamaha QL1 mixing desk. Evans provided a 42inch screen, which was used for presentations in the media suite.

Multiple LED screens were placed around the fiesta site to carry live close-ups from the displays, sponsor adverts, content for radio presenters who were broadcasting live from the site and public announcements.

Evans operated the video content, which was sent to the screens using two Panasonic HE60 Hot Head cameras, an RP50 controller, two Macbook Pros running Playback Pro and a Datavideo HS2000 vision mixer.

Evans Bristol Balloon Fiesta

A giant ‘Bristol’ sign stood over the main arena at the fiesta, provided by Evans and lit up at night by Utopium. Photo credit paulbox © framedogs

In the Members’ Enclosure Evans supplied several pieces of equipment. This area is where financial supporters of the fiesta and VIP guests enjoy close-up views of the balloon launches and aerial displays as well as corporate dining.

This included two Samsung DM65e 65inch screens that were mounted onto scenic flats to create a conference set, which was used in the breakfast events and the Chairman’s Address.

Also for the breakfast meetings, a QSC K8 PA system with five Audio Technica es935 microphones, all controlled on a Yamaha QL1 Mixing Console, were delivered.

Evans also installed a 65inch Samsung screen that was mounted on the TV wall in the Energy Lounge and for audio playback and video/presentations a Barco PDS902 switcher and three Lenovo laptops were used.

The Energy Lounge was the fiesta hub for Bristol Energy, the event’s leading sponsor for 2017. Here, graphics and prints were mounted over scenic flats to create a visual display for the company.

Graphics were also printed onto canvas by Evans for use as the welcome wall for the Members’ Enclosure.

Finally, at the Fiesta’s Reception area, scenic flats covered with a single printed canvas provided a welcome wall where a 40inch Samsung LED screen supplied by Evans was also mounted.

Evans AV Staging’s Reg Evans commented: “Being a Bristol-based company it was a privilege to be part of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, which is such a prestigious event in the city’s events calendar.”