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Drones are making waves in the events industry championed by photographers and video-makers alike. Beyond the gimmick drones are trending in this sector thanks to its capacity to provide a unique perspective to show off an event. Organisers can now have access on demand to eagle-eye footage of the sport, conference, corporate function or festival.

As well as being eye-catching, the aerial footage enables the event management team to make informed decisions based on real time images. Actions can be taken to prevent problems or to resolve them quickly.

Integrating drone services into outdoor events is part of the content-packed programme at the Festival and Outdoor Events Show, Festout (27-28 September, Sandown Park).

Keynote speaker in this session is Solomon N’Jie, a drone pilot with permission for commercial operations (CAA). He is a crowd safety management professional who also provides expert witness services to the legal profession.

The session cover the following topics:

  • Introduction of drones at large public outdoor events
  • Integrating specific drone processes into the pre-planning
  • Approval and management stages
  • The need to adjust traditional models of practice while mitigating the risks of breaching CAA rules and accidents during operation.

Examples of drone video footage from recent events will be presented to illustrate the benefits.

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