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Cornbury Festival That's All Folks

Cornbury Festival 2017: That’s All Folks Fireworks. Photo by Nico Wills

Hugh Phillimore, the organiser of the Cornbury Festival, has confirmed that the event will return in 2018.

This year’s event was announced to be the last, after its 14-year run. Speaking to Access Phillimore said that support from the local area “forced” him into making the event once more next year.

“The festival market has become a tough playing field over the last few years and very saturated, which led partly to my decision to leave whilst we were on a high, however the response has been so overwhelming with support for Cornbury to remain, that it has caused a rethink on my part and I can confirm that we have decided to listen to public opinion and return next year as strong as ever in July 2018.”

Commenting on the market, Phillimore said: “I think there are over 1,000 festivals in the UK. Festivals have doubled in our local area in recent years; there might be a festival within 30 mile from where people live now!”

The overriding factor that finally convinced the organiser to bring the festival back was the message that it was not solely his, but belonged to the audience who had supported the event over the years.

Hugh Phillimore and his daughter

Festival organiser Hugh Phillimore and his daughter

Phillimore explained: “One of the messages I received was from a lady in her 60s who wanted to say ‘thank you’. She has been coming to the festival for many years and said she has always felt safe. We are a middle-class family festival and wil always be.”

Affectionately known as ‘Poshstock’, Cornbury Festival takes place right in the midst of the Cotswolds, and is perfectly suited to its 20,000+ fans.

Cornbury Festival birds eye vew

Cornbury Festival birds eye vew

The July’s 2017 finale was a sell-out success. Crowds enjoyed a sunny weekend in the company of Bryan Adams, Jools Holland and the Kaiser Chiefs.

Cornbury Festival 2018 will be staged at Great Tew Park from 13-15 July.