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Arthur Smith, the UK producer and DJ that goes with the brand name Artwork, has announced plans to host a one-day festival in London next year. “I’m going to do a festival in London!!! And it is going to be be best thing ever, do join me for for the biggest lovely time of all time,” he said in a statement.

The event, scheduled to take place on 11 August and subject to licence, will launch under the brand name Art’s House: A Lovely London Festival, and will be held on one open-air stage at Three Mills Island in East London.

Three Mills Island is a patch of greenery sat between Bow and Stratford and enclosed by the winding River Lea with an industrial backdrop.

Three Mills Island

Art’s House: A Lovely London Festival will feature an open-air stage at Three Mills Island in East London

The festival will be headlined by Artwork who will be joined by one special guest that the organiser will announce in the coming weeks.

Party host

A truly seminal artist, Artwork’s impact on UK music has been huge. From his early garage and techno records to Magnetic Man to his diversion into disco and house, Artwork is a man of influence no matter which direction he turns his focus.

A testament to that is the success of his Art’s House parties now loved by ravers across Europe.

With humble beginnings, Art’s House has grown from an intimate rave in a stranger’s front room, to one of the most lively parties to come out of the capital.

From The Nest to XOYO to Brixton Electric to Pikes Ibiza to touring clubs across the UK, Artwork has built on Art’s House year-on-year, and he’s about to take it even further with his very own festival.

The August festival heralds Artwork’s vision to expand its business in the festival industry.