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Arcadia Spectacular

Photo by ShotAway.com – as seen on Arcadia Facebook Page

Performing arts collective Arcadia Spectacular has announced plans for a standalone Arcadia event during Glastonbury’s 2018 fallow year.

The Bristol-based group debuted at Glastonbury 2007 with performances that combine elements of music, pyrotechnics, lighting, sound, sculpture and circus.

Arcadia is the creator of the 50-ton fire-breathing Spider that has performed at Glastonbury Festival for a decade.

Arcadia’s Spider. Photo by RVR16 – as seen on Facebook page

Next year’s project has been described as a “high-octane weekend of immersive spectacle”. Dates and location are yet to be announced, however Access understands that the one-off event will take place next May.

The announcement follows several new events recently launched to coincide with Glastonbury’s traditional year off.

Also tapping Glastonbury’s fallow year is the new 10-day featival All Points East by AEG Present in Victoria Park.